// INCOMING : M05 IN B474, A192, A310 //

// INCOMING : M05 IN B474, A192, A310 //

Characterised by a distinct (almost digital) four-colour pattern of black, olive green and apple green on an earth toned base. Known to be particularly effective due to its disruptive properties and specific design to mimic the Finnish forested landscape. 

M05 now available for pre-order in B474, A192 and A310.




 The M05 camouflage pattern family was registered in Finland in 2007, and has nearly completely replaced the previously used three-colour M91 pattern (see image below) in service use. 

The M05 family comprises of several different patterns, a woodland, snow, cold weather, urban and desert versions. The M05 woodland pattern (see image below) was developed to improve upon M91. It was created from various photographs taken of Finnish forests, which were then digitally altered and condensed into a four-colour pattern representative of a Finnish forest. 

The woodland pattern was tested and revised several times, adding a dark charcoal grey to represent shadowed areas in a forest. At first glance the pattern appears digital, but a closer inspection reveals there are no pixels or even straight edges. Rather, the pattern mimics foliage well, particularly lichen. 

For cold Autumn and Winter seasons when snowfall isn't as dense, the cold weather M05 pattern was developed. The woodland M05 pattern's light green was replaced with grey, a more common colour in Autumn and Winter. The cold weather pattern is used for the M05 cold weather suit (Pakkaspuku) and M05 fur hat. For heavy snowfall, a two colour pattern was developed for use on snow suits, overalls and helmet covers. 

The desert version of M05, officially called M04 (see image below), is a three-colour pattern. It was actually taken in use before the other M05 patterns, around 2003 by Finnish contingent of UN peacekeeping mission in Eritrea. Currently, it's used by Finnish officers serving internationally in Afghanistan and as UN Military Observers. 

The future of M05 looks strong. In 2016, the pattern became available for commercial use as the Finnish Defence Forces made the decision not to renew the patent.

Since 2015, Finnish Special Operations Forces have worn MultiCam®, following in the footsteps of a general military shift towards using a MultiCam® style camouflage. However, no plans have been announced to replace the M05 pattern as of yet. 

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