SPOTLIGHT: The B315 Avenger Coat (Stolen!)

SPOTLIGHT: The B315 Avenger Coat (Stolen!)

In production for over 20 years, the classic Avenger still remains our bestselling coat. Entrusted by many to brave the elements and perform in extreme circumstances, it is currently in service with many Police forces all over the UK, including firearms and dog-handling units. It has also been in action with the Royal Household and is continually being picked up by Security Forces worldwide.  

In fact, our coats are so popular that some people will do just about anything to get their hands on them, even steal them!

While it's flattering to know the lengths some will go to get their hands on our Avengers, we value your service too much to encourage such actions. That's why we're offering an exclusive 20% Police Discount, a token of our appreciation for your dedication and service. Don't risk your career; take advantage of this special offer.

Claim Your Exclusive Police Discount Now! 

Get in touch with websales@arktis.co.uk to obtain your discount code. 

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