From The Arkhives – Dutch Marine Corps Machete Sheath

From The Arkhives – Dutch Marine Corps Machete Sheath

From the Arkhives – Dutch Marine Corps Machete Sheath

Time to dig deep into the Arktis archive room again to show you some of our past items and projects that may have never been seen.

This week were looking at something that was requested by the Dutch MOD during operations in Mali.

The sheath is made from a durable 1000D Cordura printed in M81 woodland camo. Which is the official pattern of the Netherlands Marine Corps. Complete with belt loops, drainage holes, sheath collar protection, and retention clip.


The machete or “Jungle Knife” is made by a UK company called Martindale. The 12” blade made from carbon steel & It’s unique shape/ design keeps the weight right behind the cutting edge when cutting through thick brush & grass.



  • I would really love to add one to my collection. I know these aren’t made anymore but maybe there is one somewhere in a dark corner 😁👍🏻

    - Jeffrey
  • Hi,

    Do you still make these or have any for sale as I have the Martindale Golok, but the sheath it comes with is pretty substandard. Thanks.

    - D Austin

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