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From The Arkhives – '90s Era Chest Rig

From The Arkhives – '90s Era Chest Rig

From The Arkhives – '90s Era Chest Rig

On a boring Sunday morning. One of our employees (A former Royal Marine) decided to clear up his garage. In the process, unearthing some of their old Arktis kit. Among some Overwhites, DPM clothing & LBVs was this white classic chest rig. Used on multiple Norwegian & Arctic Circle deployments in the '90s. Apart from the obvious (being very dirty), the rig was fully functional and still perfectly fit for use.

For a bit of fun, shown next to a current production M170 rig in Comb Blizzard. There are over 30 years of age between these two chest rigs.

For the eagled eyed among you. Notice the old-style telephone number on the Arktis label before the format changed in the mid '90s.



  • aaarhg,

    make those pics click/Zoom able ;-)

    - Martin
  • Have you got any plans to bring these back soon?

    - dael

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