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S690 Ghillie Suit - Olive Green

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The S690 has been around for a while now, being adopted by sniper units and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It has elasticated attachment points to add vegetation. This means that it can be easily altered to any environment. Nothing beats real vegetation for camouflage!
It also features a detachable hood with a built in face veil and leg straps to keep it in place. The main body is made from breathable nylon mesh, which is quick drying and lightweight.
  • Designed as a platform for the individual to dress and adapt to the landscape
  • The mesh provides a strong but lightweight base for the scrim to be attached
  • Clip release closure on the front chest
  • Detachable hood with scrim loops
  • Elasticated leg straps to hold the suit in place

Any equipment in pockets ect is unfortunately not included.

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S690 Ghillie Suit - Olive Green

S690 Ghillie Suit - Olive Green
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