These garments come with a layer of windproof fabric. The outer fabric of a garment with a dropliner may not necessarily be windproof; however, the addition of a windproof dropliner will keep out windchill and keep you warm.
These garments have a treated fabric, or a dropliner, which cuts wind chill to a minimum, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable even on the coldest and windiest of days.
Breathable garments allow moisture and vapour out, for the more 'active' user. 
Trousers with this symbol have extra padding on the knees for added protection and warmth. This can be removable like our C222 trousers, or a fixed reinforcement section like the C130.
Many of our garments are quite heavy, and can weigh several kilos, with many layers, in order to keep warmth in, and nature out. Lightweight garments, while still warm and dry, have fewer layers, but more portability. Some, like our Stowaway Shirt, are even self-contained, and can be carried in a pocket.
This special, sturdy fabric has a very distinctive cross-weave, which can be seen with the naked eye. It is designed to prevent tears from spreading, but also allows a snagged part of a garment to be torn away easily, so the wearer is not dragged with it. Garments made with ripstop will be especially strong, but also very safe. Note this fabric has DWR finish!
Garments will have a strip of clear plastic covering all seams. This provides another layer of waterproofing, and will prevent any moisture from entering through the seams.
All of our garments will provide an element of warmth and protection, but garments with this symbol will have several layers, and/or a lining made of fleece or fur. These will keep the wearer warm and comfortable even in the worst conditions.
Water resistant garments will provide excellent protection in wet and rainy conditions, for extended periods of time; however, if exposed for too long, the garment may soak through the seams, and require drying.
These garments come with a layer of waterproof fabric. The outer fabric of a garment with a dropliner may not necessarily be waterproof; however, the addition of a waterproof dropliner will keep you completely dry, no matter what.
Nylon minirip is the 'little brother' to 50/50 ripstop. Incredibly lightweight high tenacity nylon, knitted in a cross weave to prevent tears from spreading. 
This symbol means the main fabric of the garment is IR treated. Under the Infrared spectrum the camouflage will remain effective & retain it's pattern. (Non IR treated products appear as one solid colour under nv)

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