S390 Getaway Mat - Olive Green

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The ‘Getaway’ mat is now available again.
The idea behind the getaway mat is simple, it is a lightweight waterproof mat that can, in an instant, be changed into a bag.
Getaway mats have a whole range of different uses. The most common is for military purposes. In observation posts where the user needs to have kit easily and quietly available, but at the same time able to get away with all their equipment with ease.
Another common use is at the shooting range where you can keep your weapon parts out of the dirt. Ideal for stripping weapons, or placing ammunition. The high vis area makes every part very easy to see.
Of course it also does wonders in the civilian market. For fishing it is an ideal piece of kit, place all your weights, floats, and hooks in one place, and when you want to move to another spot. Simply pick it up, walk to the next spot, place it back down, and carry on….
With its two integrated knee-pads, it’s uses go on and on.
Equipment and props are unfortunately not included.  

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S390 Getaway Mat - Olive Green

S390 Getaway Mat - Olive Green
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