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GABARDINE SERIES: A staple fabric updated and revisited

SERIES is simply a high quality tightly woven gabardine cotton fabric with a DWR finish. A staple of outdoor clothing and uniforms, offering a lightweight and comfortable finish with excellent wind-blocking capabilities. This wind-proofing has been enhanced with our Durable Water Resistant finish to add more wind and water resistance. The same style of fabric seen in classic military trench coats, which over time were adopted by outdoor and high-end fashion brands. While polycotton blend RipStop fabrics have dominated the uniform market in recent years, we understand that some missions will favour wind resistance and comfort over ripstop. This led us to develop the GABARDINE SERIES with its focus on function and drape, giving a comfortable and well fitting garment with the quality of endurance Arktis are known for.

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  • Tightly woven gabardine in cotton for a light weight fabric 
  • Treated with DWR to balance water resistance and breathability
  • Soft feel for comfort and fit
  • A classic weight and finish for outdoor garments and uniforms
  • Excellent wind protection while remaining durable
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Building on the widespread adoption of patterns such as Multicam, MTP and OCP, Arktis have developed VISTA as a complementary pattern suitable for use alongisde these common designs. With a carefully balanced pallette and emphasis on naturally occuring shapes being blended between each other, VISTA is hugely versatile and suitable for a range of environments and the transitions inbetween.

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