Where does the Arktis name come from?

Where does the Arktis name come from?

As you are probably aware by now, it’s our 35th Anniversary!   

We’re going back to the beginning, asking, “where does the Arktis name come from”?    

Well, Arktis was founded by an Ex Royal Marine Commando Captain a few years after the Falkland’s war. His goal was to offer British kit superior to the standard-issue uniform that had proved inadequate during that struggle. Providing the best kit is still our goal today. 

So why Arktis?  In Norwegian it translates to Arctic. Which is where his Royal Marine winter warfare training took place. It’s a place that is truly memorable & produces some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet. It requires the Quality of Endurance which resonates through the core of everything we do. To this day Royal Marines still undergo cold weather training in Norway and the Arctic Circle.  

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