Stormproof Durable Water Repellent 250ml

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1 x Stormproof Spray-On Water repellent 250ml bottle

There becomes a point in a garments life, where you may need to restore it's DRW finish. Or even add a DWR finish to non treated fabric. This product does exactly that.

Stormproof is a high tech reproofing agent for use on all fabrics types and leather. Perfect for breathable fabrics, and regular rip stop nylon. It even works well on fleeces and wool clothing. It provides repellancy against water soil and oils. A C6 fluorocarbon based hydrophobing agent which contains no flammable solvents. It is water based, very easy to use and causes no change in handle or colour of fabrics. 

You can use a low heat iron to improve the performance, or tumble dry if washing instructions allow, but it is not essential. 


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Stormproof Durable Water Repellent 250ml

Stormproof Durable Water Repellent 250ml