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V110 Sniper Range Mat Returns...

V110 Sniper Range Mat Returns...

We're starting to reintroduce some classic Arktis items. This week lets take a closer look at our V110 Range Mats, which are now back in stock...

You can grab one for yourself here -


The V110 is a padded range mat. It's lightweight construction, folding design & carry handle make for easy transportation. The mat can also double up as a sleeping mat if needed.

The padded body of the mat is approximately 160cm long made with a comfortable 10mm foam. The outer material is also water repellent. The elbow pads are made from a non slip material to keep your aim steady. It's specifically useful in wet weather where this issue can be more problematic.

A transparent window secured with a zip creates a water-repellent housing for maps, windage charts & other documents. This can be tucked underneath the mat to stop glint in covert situations. Below this window is a wide mesh pocket to house extra equipment.


Two clinch-down rattle proof pouches can hold 6x 30-round 5.56 magazines, Or 6x 20-round 7.62 Magazines, or 4x 30-round AK Magazines comfortably * Pouch height can be adjusted from about 15cm to 23cm. These can of course, hold other equipment if needed.




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