Introducing OptiView...

Introducing OptiView...

Introducing OptiView. A new addition to the All-Terrain family of camos. With all the functionality & specs you have come to expect, without the premium price tag. DWR, Non Melt/ Drip, IRR Treated, durable 50/50 Ripstop. You might have seen us tease this over the past few months, with 24 Commando using it in our C222 Ranger Trousers. It's also been picked up by a few specialist Dutch military units.


B310 Waterproof Smocks, C310 Waterproof Trousers, & V194BTS Boonie Hats are available right now. You’ll see OptiView in more of the range soon. Including lightweight nylon garments such as the A310 Rainshield, A192 Stowaway Shirts, & A212 SWAT Shirt.


IRR SPEC (Analogue Device)

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  • Helle

    Whats the diffrence beetween optiviev, MEP Sand and MEP stone

    And witch one fits best in the swedisch flora instead of M90 camo.

    - Anders

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