Even since the early days Arktis have been distributors of great brands and products.  Jolly/ Cosmas is the latest"Arktis Approved" brand who manufacture some of the highest quality footwear in Italy. You can expect to see a range of their footwear for sale soon.

For over 35 years now Jolly® and Cosmas® has been an important supplier of professional footwear for people who dedicate their lives to the protection and safety of their fellow citizens.

Research, technological advances, innovative materials, safety, comfort and service are the fundamental elements that characterise Jolly Scarpe and that made it a Leading company in the sector and a reference point for all professionals.

Thanks to the several positive evaluations it received, Jolly Scarpe spa, with its Jolly® and Cosmas® brands, offers the most comprehensive and wide-ranging collection of professional footwear in Europe.



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